Fire Detection Tubing

MANLON Fire Detection tube is used as a non-electrical fire detection device.

The Fire Detection Tubing is manufactured from specially formulated modified thermoplastic material.This heat sensing firetrace tube is designed to employ for young fire detection and suppression. When the tube is exposed to an early fire, it tends to rupture due to heat sensitivity at any point throughout its length. Once the pressurized tube is ruptured, the suppressant gas is released from the system. Thus the area is protected from further fire spread.

MANLON offers three types of Fire Detection Tubing (FDT)
1) LHD - Low Heat Sensitive Tube (80 to 100 C)
2) HHD - High Heat Sensitive Tube (110 to 140 C)
3) VHD - Very High Heat Sensitive Tube (150 to 180 C)

MANLON manufactures three sizes of Fire Sense Tubing
1) Size: 6 mm OD x 4 mm ID
2) Size: 8 mm OD x 6 mm ID
3) Size: 18 mm OD x 15 mm ID

Fire Detection System Fittings:

MANLON Fittings are manufactured from quality Brass material of compression type having double ferrules. The fittings give leak-proof connection with our fire sensor tube.

Tube Cutter:

MANLON Tube Cutter is of Aluminum pressure die-cast. It is light in weight still sturdy enough to withstand extreme force. The smooth SS blade helps generate smooth and uniform cut with hand without bending or kinking the tube.

MANLON - Fire Protection Components and Accessories

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NOTES: MANLON Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a DTA supplier in INDIA. DTA-Domestic Tariff Area OR DTZ-Domestic Tarrif Zone
DTA-It is an area within INDIA that is outside the limit of SEZ (Special Economic Zone).